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If you are enquiring about booking the choir, please tell us:
Title of your event
Start and end times
Full event venue address and postcode
Your first and last name
Name of your organisation (if appropriate)
Your e-mail
Your phone number
Method you wish to be contacted by
What is the latest date you wish to be notified of the choir's availability
If your event is a wedding is it a religious or civil wedding
Any other comments

Conditions of Acceptance

This web page is only for making initial enquiries about booking the choir. We will contact you to agree a contract. However we have enclosed the following Conditions of Acceptance for your information. These Conditions of Acceptance will form part of the contract should you agree to formally book the choir.
1. Bookings must be made on the Celebration Choir Booking Form at least one month in advance of the event.
2. Public Liability Insurance and Insurance of Instruments/Material must be arranged by those booking the Choir. Evidence of same must be produced prior to the Choir's appearance.
3. The Choir will provide its own instruments and microphones.
4. The Choir may charge a fee to cover its travelling and professional expenses. This will be clarified at the time of booking.
5. A deposit is payable on booking of 25% of the total fee with the booking not being approved until such deposit is received.
6. In the event of cancellation the deposit is refundable up to 2 weeks prior to the proposed performance, after which time becomes non-refundable.
7. Those booking the Choir will be responsible for the Publicity of the Choir's performance.
8. The Choir will not get involved in any way in the production of a performance except in the very rarest of circumstances and only then with the full agreement of the Choir Committee.
9. The balance (total fee minus deposit) must be received by cheque by the choir at least 14 days before the wedding.

A list of wedding songs the choir sings is available on the Wedding Songs page.

Thank you.



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